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WHM Sports Recruitment is a diversified international sports recruitment company with ventures integrating: tours, short stay opportunity awareness visits, full-time residential academic and sports development programs, complex recruitment, sports consultation and bespoke projects.

Guided by the vision of founders Jake Winship, Karl Haggon and Andrew Muxworthy, WHM Sports Recruitment combines creativity, the ability to engage key and influential people in sporting networks, and an understanding of “what is next” to deliver innovate ideas as a leading project management company in its field.

Director Andrew Muxworthy states: "So many young people are worried as they navigate their way through life, scared of the unknown that is to come. At WHM Sports Recruitment our goal is to create (for young people with whom we work) an environment where fear and failure are nothing more than road stops on the road to success. The people behind our vision have always motivated young people to find their purpose in life and execute on it.  We want young people to create reality from their dreams.  Ultimately, and it is a phrase we have constantly referred to over the years, 'we want a young person to wake up in the morning and realize they have a meaning. And that the meaning has worth".


Superhuman work ethic

Family is everything

Do things different and better

Embrace the power of youth

Do well by doing good

Always maintain an underdog mentality

Play for legacy - chess not checkers

Find your meaning and make it count

Empower others, make leaders

Why be normal?